Limited Edition: Thai Beauty Secrets

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Taking pre-orders now for Mother's Day! 


This will be a very limited offering of only 12 each of:


~Thai Beauty Blue Créme, 1 fl oz


~Thai Beauty Blue Toning Mist, 1.7 fl oz


~Thai Beauty Blue Facial Polish, 2 oz


I've been busy in my workshop creating an exotic new line inspired by my recent trip to an undeveloped island in Thailand.
Using traditional botanicals (some used for thousands of years) brought back with me that have really stunning benefits for your skin!
Thai women are reknowned for their glowing, ageless faces, and they take skin care very seriously. I even saw mothers using these botanicals with their toddler daughters. 
I feel so honored to have learned and experienced firsthand their traditional beauty secrets, and I'm thrilled to share them with you! 
My Thai Beauty Secrets line will consist of an exfoliating polish, a toning mist, and a creme.  They are created with traditional Thai beauty secrets such as rice, coconut, tamarind, silk, tanaka, blue pea flower, pearl, papaya, sea kelp, plumeria, orchid, and lemongrass.