Salt Therapy Cave


Unwind, recharge, and reap the therapeutic effects of negative ions in our salt cave sanctuary.




Salt Cave Session: 30 MIN ... $30    Series of 6 ... $150 (6th is free)

Luxe Salt Stone Massage in the Private Salt Cave Sanctuary: 60 MIN ... $145 

Chair Massage in Salt Cave: $25/15 min

Salt cave therapy sessions include a heated neck wrap, warmed salt detox blocks for the feet, and Sound Therapy or Guided Meditation, if desired.

Recharge, breathe deeply & let your cares melt away.  Our salt cave environment is recreated with over 3,000 pounds of Himalayan salt & a negative ion generator.  

Pure Himalayan sea salt contains 84 minerals & trace elements found in the human body that activate your natural healing mechanisms, allowing your body to restore its balance.  Pure mineral salts also have natural moisturizing properties beneficial to the skin. 

Halotherapy has been used in Poland since the twelfth century for health and wellness.  Come experience the benefits of this ancient therapy.

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