August Salt Stone Special

~ Relax with a glass of lemon-infused water, & a hot herbal neck wrap.

~ 30 minutes in our infrared sauna will begin the deep detoxification process:

Far infrared sauna therapy is one of the safest and most efficient methods to dotoxify your body from harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

 A session will loosen tight muscles and relax the body.

 It is also useful for:

Pain relief, as the infrared heat penetrates sore muscles and joints.

Stress relief, as your tension melts away and you can sleep like a baby again.

Immunity, as your white blood cells, T cells, and interferon levels are all increased.


  ~ Followed by your choice of a 60 minute Salt Stone Facial or Massage:

Hot Salt Stone Facial: 

Your skin is healthy and luminous after the Luxe Custom Facial with our exclusive Hot Salt Stone facial massage.

 Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals and nutrients that will activate the natural healing mechanisms to allow your skin to restore its balance.  

 This facial is customized to your needs, and includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation with our Green Tea & Bamboo Himalayan scrub, an appropriate mask for your skin, steam, massage of your facial muscles, head, neck, shoulders, & arms with hot salt stones, serum, & moisturizer. 

Hot Salt Stone Massage:
Recharge your health with negative ions and penetrating radiant heat from hot salt stones to soothe tight, sore muscles & create a sense of warmth and peace. Himalayan salt has 84 minerals and trace elements that activate your natural healing mechanisms, allowing your body to restore its balance.



~ Complete your detox spa day with 30 minutes in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave, including hot salt detox blocks for your feet, a heated herbal neck wrap, and your preference of detox tea or lemon-infused water.

Pure Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals and elements found in the human body that activate your natural healing mechanisms, allowing your body to restore its balance.

Pure mineral salts also have natural moisturizing properties beneficial to the skin.

Halo (salt) therapy has been used in Poland since the 12th century for health and wellness.

 2 Hours of Detox & Rejuvenation

  August Hot Salt Stone Special: only $100

 Package Value: $170

Call 541.810.8877 or book online









 Couple's Massage Package:  

Relax with Side by Side herbal foot soak & scrub while enjoying champagne & chocolates, then luxuriate in our Side by Side hot salt stone massage in our beautiful Salt Cave Sanctuary.

 2 hours, Over $360 value for $295




He Said, She Said

Begin with a Side by Side herbal foot soak and scrub while enjoying champagne & chocolates, then he moves on to a 1 hour hot salt stone massage while she is pampered with a 1 hour hot salt stone facial.  Rejoin to relax in our Salt Cave Sanctuary for 30 minutes with heated herbal neck wraps, warmed detox Himalayan foot blocks, and sound therapy. 

2 1/2 hours, Over $350 value for $280



24K Gold Special:

Enjoy a glow like you've never had before with a 24K Gold Facial including Red LED light therapy, followed by 30 rejuvenating minutes in our Himalayan salt cave with a heated herbal neck wrap, warm detox foot blocks to rest your feet on, & sound therapy. 

Until July 1st, enjoy a take-home gift of a full size Caviar & Pearls Peptide Serum valued at $50!

2 1/4 hours, $235 value for $155! 





Detox Deluxe Package:

Begin with a herbal Himalayan salt foot soak & scrub, followed by 30 minutes in our infrared sauna to detox and loosen up your muscles.  From there, you can completely relax with a 30 minute hot mud back detox followed with an hour of hot salt stone massage.  Your detox day finishes with a relaxing salt cave sanctuary session while you sip hot detox tea, or lemon-infused water with your feet resting on warmed detox blocks for 30 minutes.  Take home your choice of detox products with $20 toward any $50 purchase!

3.5 hours, $265 value for $215! 








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